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Meet the Executive Board of The Sisterhood of Unity & Love (S.O.U.L.)

Natsnet "Freedom" Haileab

Hello reader  

I find it hard to define myself; bear with me. For starters, I've lived in a few places in the U.S.. For the sake of avoiding stereotypes, I will keep "where I'm from" to myself unless I am personally asked.  If you'd like to get to know me please follow these steps: 1) approach me and 2) get to know me. I will try my best to be open; however, if I seem introverted, that's because I am introverted. Either that or I'm just hungry, tired, or something else along those lines. Lastly, my name means "freedom".

Yours truly,

Greetings to all

My Name is Tija Harris. Often misunderstood and misread due to my quiet and "standoffish" nature, I like to believe that I am tuned in to my surroundings. I find that sometimes it is better to listen than to always be the first to speak. I like to collect facts, evaluate them and execute tasks. So I guess you can say that I am perhaps overly critical. However, once you get to know me, it will all make sense  I leave you with this as best stated by Lena Horn, "It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it". Take every experience and make it work for you.
The Optimist,


                                                     "Walk tall, or baby don't walk at all"


My name is Comfort Adewunmi….  Yes, that’s what my parents really named me – and yes it is quite an unusual name. I am your typical introvert-quiet, reserved, and easy going.  I appreciate honesty, and I despise injustice, and intentional cruelty. Although I am quiet and reserved, I have little tolerance for disrespectful, and rude people. I am an explorer by heart, and I am open to try new experiences. I am hoping to get into medical school eventually, after college.  I analyze every, and any situation- which is my greatest strength, and perhaps my short coming  I strive to win in everything I do, and anything worth doing is worth doing well in my book. I love smiling, and I am very approachable. I am excited to see you guys at our meetings!

Comfort A.

Tyannis "Ty" Carter

To all the beautiful SOULS:

I am here to love and inspire and everything that I do stems from those two objectives-- from encouraging, to listening, to creating. I am learning more and more about myself everyday and I am on a journey to become the ME that I want to be and I invite you to my join me on that journey. Because I love and want the best for you, I invite you to start a journey of your own and I hope that you will invite not only me, but also SOUL along for the ride. And if you don't know where to start, well that's why we are here! Namaste. 

"May the space between where I am and where I want to be inspire me."
Tracee Ellis Ross

“I am a woman who knows my past and understands that my experiences are purely lessons meant to bring me closer to self knowledge and unconditional self love.” –Unknown
I’m Alexandra Sadé. You will probably find me smiling somewhere on campus. I enjoy meeting new people and LOVE spending time with my girls and close friends.  I love the woman I’m becoming and appreciate all those who bring positivity and good vibes to my life. I hope SOUL impacts you the way it did for me and allows you to cultivate new friendships, meet great mentors, and seek amazing opportunities. Stay positive. See you soon!

Greetings everyone!

I'm Sierra Williams and I enjoy getting to know new people and people of different cultures/ backgrounds. I like to occasionally go out and have a good time. I enjoy listening to music and traveling to many countries. I participate in SOUL sponsored activities because of the welcoming vibe/atmosphere that's offered for women. We can all learn something about ourselves when hearing someone else's experiences or opinions. Keep an open mind! 

Peace and Love,



 My name  is Janet Mwebi I was born in Kenya and spent my childhood years in South Africa. I am currently a senior here in Maryland and I'm involved in a little of everything. My main passion is serving the community. If you come to a Terp Service day you are most likely to see me leading one of the service sites as a TerpCorps coordinator. Most people don't know that I have a twin brother who attends Maryland as well. I hope that you all feel welcome to all the events that SOUL puts on this year.
If you see me around campus feel free to stop me and say hi.

Amani - Uthando - Joie,

Kelsey Nelson

Hello Everyone,

A dreamer, a believer, a fighter and an achiever. Defying all the odds, I have been able to emerge into a journalist that uses the power of the lens to change the world. I want to be the role model to young minority women everywhere that all it takes to achieve anything is a plan to implement your goal. People usually describe me as outgoing and fearless.  I am always smiling thanking God each and everyday for waking me up and allowing me to accomplish all I do. As a senior, I have been with SOUL since my freshman year. A safe haven and a place where I have been able to meet great other young men and ladies. SOUL has become a second family to me. Most importantly with SOUL,  I am happy I am able to give back to my local community. Whether its to help introduce freshman to the school or being able to mentor young girls to teach them necessary life skills, SOUL is an important part of the everyday history of the University of Maryland. I live by the three D's. Dedication, determination and discipline, which are all you need to accomplish the impossible. Joining this organization has been one of the best decisions of my college career. 

Always stay positive,
Kelsey Nelson 

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